About the Congress

We proudly announce the second edition of the Neurovet Congress that will be held 7-9 of June 2018 in Cluj Napoca, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The three days of Congress start on the 7th of June with two full-day workshops which will take place simultaneously, one workshop in Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery and the second workshop in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.



This edition reunites topics such as neurosurgery, neurology, behavioral medicine and physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This edition brings together a number of renamed diplomats and international speakers.

The topics taken into consideration reveal both more basic information and specific topics that cover problems more in depth.

The main aim of the Neurovet Congress is to bring together specialists from various domains interesting the Neuroscience, Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Physiotherapy topics, to make available new information for small business practitioners, students, Ph.D. Students, and practicing doctors.

This edition brings us the unique opportunity to meet renowned international speakers and dive in depth of new interest topics such as Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, behavioral medicine and neurosurgery from basic level information to the more specific case study and novelty in the domain.

About the Congress